Shower Gel – Deeply Nourishing and Exfoliating – 200ml

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Baes Club’s Deeply Nourishing and Exfoliating Shower Gel is a luxurious blend of pomegranate, aloe vera, and olive oil. This gentle formula deeply cleanses your skin leaving it moisturized, and radiant.

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30 reviews for Shower Gel – Deeply Nourishing and Exfoliating – 200ml

  1. Jainika Jain

    Recently tried this shower gel and the scent is refreshing, and it leaves my skin feeling soft and moisturized. Love the natural ingredients. Will buy again!

  2. Tarunika

    Amazing shower gel! Left my skin soft and fresh. Love it

  3. Hema

    Impressed with the results. Has a lovely fragrance as well

  4. Tanvi bose

    been using this pomegranate shower gel from 1 month now…helped me with my body acne & nourishes my skin too… would recommend it !

  5. Diya Agarwal

    I don’t know what u put in this but this makes me feel so fresh in the morning and makes my skin so soft

  6. Dev Rawal

    this body wash has now changed to my go to since it feels so refreshing

  7. Vaishnavi

    Baes Club’s shower gel is a true treat for the senses. The blend of pomegranate, aloe vera, and olive oil is heavenly

  8. Raksha

    Ii have noticed a visible change in my skin since using Baes Club’s shower gel. Good product

  9. Anonymous

    i was facing a real dilemma about whether to give a new product a shot on my skin, but this new product turned out to be a game-changer.

  10. Anonymous

    tried it, skin’s okay, nothing spectacular, expected more, but it’s decent

  11. Anonymous

    gave it a shot, skin’s somewhat improved, will like to try it for a few more months and see

  12. Meera

    Loved it!! My skin has never looked better

  13. Tanvi

    Absolutely love how it smells. Great product!

  14. Amrutha

    Wish I had come across this product sooner. My skin feels soft and radiant after using it.

  15. Amisha

    I have used plenty of shower gels. But this one is by the far the best

  16. Monisha

    So refreshing, such a mild scent that keeps lingering all through. Nice product

  17. Raj

    Trust me guys I tried it just once and I can see the visible difference highly recommended

  18. Thanvi

    Great shower gel with a lovely fragrance

  19. Anita

    This smells so good!! And works wonders on your skin

  20. Ashika

    It helps in cleansing the skin so well. If you use it for quite some time you will notice a difference in your skin

  21. Dipa

    It is an amazing product. 100% of the ingredients are suitable for all skin type.

  22. Pooja

    This product was mind-blowing and it doesn’t have any side effects

  23. Srinidhi

    Loved the packaging of the products, delivery was on time .

  24. Suhani

    Tried a lot of products but this is the most suitable one for my skin

  25. Priyanka

    It’s a must. Go for it without any hesitation

  26. Sakshi

    Very mild to the skin, it gives a smooth finish after every wash

  27. Simran

    It is very refreshing and suits my skin

  28. dipti

    The dryness and irritation of the skin has been successfully reduced by this shower gel , must buy !

  29. TISHA

    Does not dry out the skin at all.

  30. ESHA

    good and refreshing

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Shower Gel - Deeply Nourishing and Exfoliating - 200ml
Shower Gel - Deeply Nourishing and Exfoliating - 200ml
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