6 Reasons Your Skin Breaks Out When You Travel (And What to Do)

6 Reasons Your Skin Breaks Out When You Travel (And What to Do)

Have you ever experienced your skin shine and glow one day and just like any rude awakening, your skin chooses not to listen to you? It has a schedule of its own and runs the show by itself. Who’s to blame? You are responsible in a way, but mostly the world. We are brutally surrounded by a harsh and suffocating environment which often paints a not-so-good-looking picture.

You need to accommodate the right skincare routine to expect good behavior from your skin. It begins with choosing the right skin care products to apply the contents appropriately while maintaining consistency. I agree that finding the right kind of routine that would do your skin a great deal of wonders is difficult, but once you do find your way out of that tricky maze, jot it down and get to the business every day.

Traveling is a cacophony of business. From packing to unpacking, a whole story can be journaled and covered. From clothes to shoes, everything in between is equally important to be included.  Traveling to new destinations is undoubtedly an exhilarating experience, but it can sometimes wreak havoc on your skin. You might have noticed that your skin tends to break out or dry out during or after a trip. Fear not, this happens to all of us and sometimes irrespective of all the cautious steps that we take.

Let’s see the necessary steps that one can take in order to save the reputation of our skin

  1. The climate culprit: Your skin is accustomed to the conditions of your home environment, and abrupt shifts to a humid or dry climate can disrupt its natural balance. In humid destinations, excess moisture can lead to clogged pores, while dry environments can cause dehydration and increased oil production. Your skin is the largest part of your body that is exposed to external conditions such as the sun, wind, and rain. Along with the cute sunkissed pictures, gorgeous hair flowing stills, and the romantic feel of the rain comes tan, pollutants, and dirt that occupy the surface of your skin. So next time you step outside in a totally new environment, make sure you apply sunscreen to combat the sun and wear a mask to shield your face from the wind.
  2. Water Quality Matters: Hydration is essential, but the kind of water that you choose to drink and to cleanse your face matters as well. The level of quality of the water that you use affects the pH balance of your skin which lays the foundation for many skin problems such as dryness, dullness etc. Minimize your skin’s exposure to unfamiliar tap water or use cleansing wipes for quick refreshments.
  3. Dietary Changes
    Indulging in exotic cuisines while traveling is part of the adventure, but sudden dietary changes can have consequences for your skin. Consuming excessive amounts of oily or sugary foods may lead to acne flare-ups. Maintain a balanced diet during your travels and try to incorporate skin-friendly foods such as fruits, vegetables, and foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids to nourish your skin from within.
  4. Skincare Disruptions: Less Is More
    While traveling, you may be tempted to try new skincare products or may not have access to your usual routine. Experimenting with unfamiliar products can be risky, as certain ingredients might irritate your skin and lead to breakouts. Stick to your tried-and-true skincare products during your trip or invest in travel-sized versions to ensure consistency in your routine.
  5. The sleeping beauty formula:
    Good sleep constitutes good and healthy skin. The amount of sleep you procure is directly proportional to the condition of your skin. Just as your brain needs rest, so does your skin, a tired skin is just as awful and blatant as a teenager on his first beer.
    So next time you think of skipping your beauty sleep, paint yourself a rather nasty picture of those dark eye bags under your eyes growing deeper each night. Make an effort to prioritize sleep and establish a bedtime routine, even while on the road.
  6. Your skin doesn’t fly well:
    Airplane cabins have low humidity levels, which can dehydrate your skin. Additionally, the recycled air can harbor bacteria that may worsen existing skin issues or trigger new breakouts. Drink plenty of water and don’t neglect the power of a good moisturizer. It can perform wonders.


Traveling can be a transformative and enriching experience, and it’s essential to take care of your skin throughout the journey. Remember to adapt your skincare regimen to the climate, manage stress, stay hydrated, and resist the urge to experiment with new products. With Baes Club’s proper care, your skin will stay radiant and glowing, allowing you to make the most of your travel adventures with confidence. Safe travels!

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