At Baes Club

we swear by the goodness packed into our personal care products. Our belief in the power of ingredients stems from their nourishing benefits and skin-friendly qualities. We've extensively researched their potential benefits, but it's crucial to clarify.


Though our ingredients hold skin and hair-treating properties, our products aren't intended to treat health issues. Baes Club doesn't advocate substituting them for medical care. We prioritize transparency, listing all ingredients on our website for your clarity. If you have sensitivities to any listed ingredient, it's best to avoid the product and always conduct a patch test.

Self Diagnose

The content on our website serves as informative material. Our products are designed for personal use, and the information provided highlights the potential benefits of ingredients sourced from various reliable sources. However, it's essential not to self-diagnose or treat medical conditions based on this information.

Medical advice

We're not here to prescribe or replace medical advice. For any concerns requiring medical attention, we strongly recommend consulting your doctor.

Our aim

Our aim is to educate, not diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent diseases. At Baes Club, we value your well-being above all else.