The Science

Embark on a holistic journey of personal care with Baes Club.
Gain precious insights and embrace total well-being.

Baes Club's journey is not just about personal care, it's a narrative interwoven with precious insights and a commitment to holistic well-being. The precious information garnered from the intricate relationship between the nervous system and skin & hair forms the bedrock of our approach. This unique connection, originating in the early stages of human development, establishes a constant dialogue where signals flow between these entities, vigilantly monitoring our bodies and environments.

As we decode the language of the skin & hair, acknowledging common concerns like dryness, inflammation, acne, pigmentation, dullness, hair fall, dandruff, breakage, and sensitivity as early indicators of emotional states, Baes Club elevates personal care to a realm beyond the superficial. The skin and hair, in our philosophy, is a dynamic canvas reflecting the subtle nuances of our internal worlds.

In embracing the precious insights derived from our Psychodermatology Approach, Baes Club formulates products that go beyond traditional skincare. Our offerings engage with the skin at a profound level, addressing not only external appearances but also the emotional underpinnings that influence its condition. This commitment ensures a comprehensive and effective care regimen that resonates with the depth of the human experience.

The precious information gleaned from the skin as a responsive medium serves as a guiding light for Baes Club. Our formulations are crafted with an understanding that beauty is not skin-deep; it's an amalgamation of physical vitality and emotional resonance. This acknowledgment shapes our commitment to providing products that are not only effective but transformative, embracing the complexity of individual experiences.

In choosing Baes Club, you're not just selecting skincare; you're embracing a philosophy rooted in the precious information revealed by the intimate connection between the nervous system and the body. Our Psychodermatology Approach is a testament to the legacy of our founder, Mamtha Munoth, whose vision propelled us into a realm where personal care is synonymous with the celebration of harmony between the skin and the emotional self.