The beauty revolution – Inclusive solutions for body & hair
For every face, every story
Baes Club provides nourishment & uniqueness of personal care products all under one roof. From enriching face washes to soothing shampoos with conditioners, we provide you with nothing but a bouquet of fulfilling choices. Choose right… Choose Baes Club.
Hero Ingredients
Our ingredients are our showstoppers. We formulate a unique combination of ingredients in every bottle for a wholesome experience.
Affordable skincare
Who says your glow-up should cost a fortune? Baes affordable skin & hair care range is where your body & your savings both feel fabulous.
Cruelty-free products
Our products are cruelty-free. Get ready to slay your beauty game without a guilty conscience.
Baes care for all
Our products cater to all skin types like a personal care symphony. Balancing pH like a pro, we've got the perfect harmony for your skin.
How did we start ?
Founded by the visionary Mamtha Munoth in the year 2021, the brand's inception was rooted in a profound commitment to cater to all genders, skin types, and age groups spanning from 10 and above
Our strength lies not only in the efficacy of its products but also in its dedication to inclusivity. By embracing all genders, skin types, & age groups, Baes Club has created a space where everyone can find personalised solutions for their skin and hair care needs
Baes Club stands out by making quality accessible to all. The brand's commitment to affordability is a testament to its belief that everyone deserves access to quality personal care
In a world inundated with personal care options, Baes Club emerges as a brand with a soul. It's not just about the bottles lining the shelves. It carries with them the legacy of a mother's dream & the collective determination of a team committed to making a positive impact, one bottle at a time